Generac Standby Generators

Whether it's your business or home, a backup generator is a reliable source of energy during a power outage. 

Backup Power For Your Home

Many families don't realize how much they utilize power in their homes. We all remember the times when dad would gather us in the basement during a tornado warning with bunny ears on the radio and some flashlights. But this doesn't cut it for most families these days. The truth is that power has become a more essential facet of our lives and our survival. Flashlights can't power refrigerators for nursing mothers and candles can be more of a hazard than a help. By prepping a home with a stationary home generator, families can feel safe and prepared, whatever the emergency.

Generac is the #1 selling brand of home backup generators. These permanently installed generators quickly fill power loss within seconds of an outage and can backup your entire home or a section of your home. Generac is the trusted brand for home backup generators.

Backup Power For Your Business

Generac Generators in Georgia | Power Services, LLC

Business interruption is all too frequent in today's market. So much so that it's not a matter of IF, but when. Severe storms are on the rise and can cause intense damage when they come face to face with an outdated electric power infrastructure. Prepare now before the severe weather hits. Backup power is the first step to ensuring a business continues to function when the weather turns nasty.

Generac provides a variety of commercial, industrial and life critical applications. Generac generators coupled with Generac mobile power products and transfer switches creates a reliable source of power to businesses and their customers. Whether you need backup solutions for an indoor field of servers or you need your tools to work on a remote construction site, Power Services, LLC can find the right fit for you. 

Why Power Services, LLC?

We partner with industry leaders like Generac to provide generators with proven durability and efficiency. Whether a business or home, we are able to install the generator while making any needed preparations. Along with installation, we will create a maintenance plan to ensure regular inspections are made on the generator in the years to come. Depending on the model, wattage and size of your generator pricing will vary. Talking to the experts at Power Services, LLC is the first step to secure power. Our Free Consultation can be scheduled by calling our office at 1-877-872-3611 or by completing our online contact form

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