Emergency Power for Healthcare

When a hospital fails to function due to a power outage, the lives of patients, staff members and visitors are put at risk. On top of caring for current patients and staff, hospitals also draw in surrounding communities during times of crisis. Backup generators for a hospitals entire community ensures uninterrupted procedures, safe patients and staff as well as shelter, food and water for the incoming community.

You Have 10 Seconds

The National electric Code (NEC) 700 and National Fire Protection ASSOCIATION (NFPA) 110 standards are well known by healthcare administration. These standards require emergency power to be available within 10 seconds to life safety and critical branch loads in the case of a utility failure. However, this can sometimes be complex as hospitals grow and integrate new technologies because it becomes unclear which loads are connected to the backup system. 

Power Services, LLC works with hospital systems, long term care facilities and hospice systems to create custom power solutions that grow with the facility over time. Our routine maintenance and system checks help administrators, facility managers and specifiers not only stay on the same page but meet state and municipal codes for the NEC and NFPA.

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