Emergency Power for Municipalities

Municipalities have some of the most diverse needs for generator solutions because they wear so many hats. Municipal workers maintain their buildings, provide community services as well as protect citizens during emergencies. Power Services, LLC helps municipalities ensure their power systems so that they can get back to doing what they do best - serving and protecting our community.

Serve & Protect More, Worry Less

The recent hurricanes and flooding in the south and east have only grown our appreciation for the local municipalities that support our communities. When a crisis occurs, citizens depend on first responders and 911 call centers for help as well as shelter during a disaster. 

At Power Services, LLC we help create robust solutions to help municipalities meet the demand of their communities during an emergency situation. These solutions help provide backup power to municipalities such as:

  • Light rail crossings
  • Police
  • Fire stations
  • 911 call centers
  • Water and wastewater facilities
  • Airports

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Providing a comprehensive backup power solution for a municipality requires strategic planning and a full understanding of the complexities involved. We know that local servants have to think through community codes, RFPs and budgets while implementing a backup power system. Our team can help from beginning to end. Get started today by contacting our team. 

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