Utilities & Power Plants

For a large city, onsite generators for utility companies and power plants can be helpful in more ways than one. Backup power generators can function permanently or intermittently in a facility but either way they are an asset. This is due to the fact that generators can be used to offset the power supply needed to continue operations during peak times as well as perform as a main power source should the power fail at the facility.

Power Services, LLC has grown exponentially and works with several utility companies and power plants to achieve custom power generation solutions to fit different needs. Some of these include:

  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Water & Wastewater Pipelines
  • Oil & Gas Rigs
  • Transportation Systems
  • Irrigation Schemes
  • Superstructures for Utility Systems

Because the infrastructure required to produce and deliver some products, such as electricity or water, is very expensive to build and maintain, it is very important to have a power system in place that will work with the company. 

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As most utilities like clean water and power are a necessity for the general public, consistent operations can't be compromised. Learn more about Power Services, LLC and why you should work with us by contacting us today. 

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