Commercial & Industrial Generators

Power Services, LLC has a unique approach to the electrical and power services industry because of our expertise in both electrical contracting and power supply engineering. We are a leading provider of commercial generator sales, installation and maintenance for businesses throughout the southeast. 

Generator Installation Process

Our expert electrical contractors cover the entire process of helping you pick a generator all the way through installing and maintaining the power system. We are also able to provide additional electrical services in the event that your business needs extra work to get the everything up and running.

No Subcontracting

Your installation will be completed from start to finish by a certified professional at Power Services, LLC.


We will take care of all the necessary permits required to install your new industrial generator.


For larger generators, a concrete slab is required. We take care of the preparation, pouring and setting of the concrete.

Gas Connections

We connect the generator to a propane or natural gas source to power the machine.

Electrical Connections

We also handle the electrical work so that your generator can supply power to your home.

Service & Maintenance

After your installation, we keep your generator running efficiently with regular maintenance and repair services

Standby Generator Installation Cost

Depending on the model, wattage and size of your generator pricing will vary. While we cannot give an exact estimate until assessing your power generation needs, we do offer a Free Consultation that can be scheduled by calling our office at 1-877-872-3611 or through our online contact form. During your consult, a professional technician will assess your business and make recommendations for your generator installation.

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